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    Based on our long-standing experience in the art of planning and performing searches within the patent area, Nordic Patent Analyzer have developed a unique software tool for presentation of search results and visualization of patent information with a view to creating overview and simplifying the IP processes of our clients.

    PatentTracer® is a custom-made database file with a graphic interface allowing our clients to view their present and potential IP position in a given market, whether triggered by a geographical, commercial or strictly competitive interest.

    PatentTracer® provides a number of options allowing you to:

    • monitor your competitors

    • review prior art documents from a database download

    • identify new filing possibilities

    The file may be analyzed in detail using graphs, tables or advanced text search. As a unique feature, no program installation is required.

    PatentTracer® is a valuable tool for planning your patent strategy and for setting short-term as well as long-term goals for your IP activities. Many of our clients are already familiar with this unique opportunity to view customized search results from one comprehensive approach.

    Please contact us for a demonstration suited to your company's special requirements and preferences.